Aims and Objectives

The aim of the virtual roundtable is to create a space in which experienced and budding students of literatures from different countries could exchange ideas and thoughts, share their research results and read and discuss British, American, Russian and Buryat literature from various epochs.

The objectives of the virtual roundtable are

-        to bring together people from different cultures and backgrounds united by a shared interest in literature and overcoming barriers to the enjoyment of literary texts and keen on exchanging ideas,

-        to exchange and discuss completed and ongoing research on cultural, literary and linguistic aspects of British, USA, Russian and Buryat literature,

-        to share experiences and best practices in researching and teaching literature,

-        to organize a reading project group (groups) aimed at enhancing participants’ skills in reading across cultures and epochs ,

-        to create a platform for further joint project on reading across languages and cultures,

-        to discuss issues arising in researching and teaching literature from different cultures and epochs.

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