«WHO AM I?» Aspects of Identity in Contemporary British, Russian and Buryat Poetry

Joint Project of 

Buryat State University, Russia, 

York University, UK

Institute of Philology and Mass Communication (IPMC) 
Buryat  State University
Ulan-Ude, Buryatia, Russia 
(August  10 – 17, 2014) 

The seminar was built on the achievements of an earlier initiative undertaken in 2011 and sought to combine two key issues which emerged from the earlier collaboration: pedagogy and identity.

The overall aim of the seminar was to contribute to the professional development of teachers of English by deepening their awareness of how their own understanding of culture and poetry determines their approaches to teaching poetry and using it in a language class.

The seminar specific goals included:

- reinforcing professional contacts between Buryat State University and York University and creating a new team of British and Russian newly qualified teachers to continue the project into 2015 and beyond;

- introducing English language teachers in Buryatia to the opportunities of using poetry in a language classroom and ecouraging them to use it;

- bringing together people from different cultures and backgrounds in discussion of contemporary British, Russian and Buryat poetry and the cultural barriers to the enjoyment of poetry;

- refining and developing the models of cooperative remote working.

Seminar Team

Richard Endicott, York University

Elena Bayartueva, Buryat State University

Larissa Sanzheeva, Buryat State University

Tatiana Platitsyna, Buryat State University

Elena Vasilyeva, Buryat State University

Irina Stolyarova, Buryat State University

Irina Dronova, Buryat State University

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